Canon MF Toolbox For Windows

Canon MF Toolbox Download For Windows – Did you buy a scanner and attempt to use it with just the Windows programs? You quickly realize having a more specialized program will make using your scanner easier and give you better results. One example is the Canon MF Toolbox which can be used with your Canon scanner. It provides a suite of enhanced controls to give you more control over your scanner and helps you improve the quality of your scans.

The Canon MF Toolbox may have come with your Canon scanner. It is usually on a CD in the box. If not, you can download it quickly from the Canon website. This utility helps you manage your scanning and printing jobs. It provides useful tools for working with mail, OCR (optical character recognition), and creating PDF files. The OCR function allows you to convert a document to text you can edit.

Canon MF Toolbox Download for windows
Canon MF Toolbox Download for windows

Making adjustments to your Canon printer and scanner may seem mysterious in Windows, but the Canon MF Toolbox makes it easy. It has an easy to understand interface which guides you in fine-tuning your settings. It unlocks the full power of your Canon devices making scanning and printing documents easy.

Canon MF Toolbox for Easier Scanning

You will not have to hunt for the right settings to get your scanning job done when you use the Canon MF Toolbox. It provides a simple to follow eight-button layout so you can start scanning immediately. Each button is clearly labeled so you can choose the right option.

The software provides an easy to understand the bridge between your computer and your Canon scanner.

Email, OCR, PDF, and Image Saving

Do you need to send a document to a co-worker or customer fast? You can scan the document and email it to them in seconds. You need to configure the Toolbox the first time, but then it will be ready for every future scan. It works with your existing email client and is easy to set up.

Converting your documents to text using OCR takes a little setup, also. The MF Toolbox does not provide direct OCR capability, but bridges your scanner to common OCR programs, but free and commercial. OCR reads the text on the page and translates it from an image into a document ready for editing.

Saving your scans to an image or to a PDF file is quick and simple. There is no added configuration required.

An Intuitive Assistant For Your Canon Scanner

Having a Canon scanner should never be frustrating. The Canon MF Toolbox makes it easy for you to use your scanner, unlocking all of its features, without digging through menus to find that one elusive setting.

You can use the Toolbox to quickly scan and print your documents with ease. It allows quick configuration of settings, without needing to hunt through your Windows settings. The intuitive interface makes it easy to take control of your scanner and documents. You can even email documents from your scanner directly from the Toolbox. Unlocking the potential of your Canon scanner is as easy as installing the MF Toolbox.

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If you don’t find your disc to install the Canon MF Toolbox, download it today.

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